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Modern Barn Farmhouse

Skaneateles, New York

This residence reinterprets rural architecture with a contemporary twist, integrating the classic gambrel roof lines that pay homage to traditional barn structures. The striking silhouette of the roof provides a spacious interior with a cozy, attic-like feel . Clean white siding gives the exterior a fresh and modern look, while the stone foundation anchors the structure to its natural surroundings. The sweeping  form of the building is oriented to maximize the captivating lake views, with large windows and glass doors punctuating the façade, inviting the outside in  to constantly engage with the tranquil water just steps away.


At the Lakeside, expansive balconies and a ground-level terrace offer generous outdoor living spaces that celebrate the home’s picturesque setting beside the shores. The well-appointed balconies are perfect for morning coffees or evening relaxation, providing elevated views that capture the essence of lakefront living. The ground-level spaces are integrated with the landscape, featuring comfortable seating areas around a fire pit, ideal for social gatherings or quiet reflection. The design's intentional simplicity, combined with thoughtful landscaping, creates a serene retreat.

Collab: Buchanan Interiors

keywords: Render, video,comercial, pool, hot tube.

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