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ANDREW RAMSGARD, creative director and CEO of Ramsgard Architectural Design has let his award-winning Architectural practice for over 30 years.

Ramsgard's work has been recognized internationally as a new form of modern-classic by achieving the highest quality of architecture of kind going beyond traditional periods of history and being current in its context.

Receiving a gold key award for excellence and hospitality design from Boutique Design and Hotels magazine 2014 AND 2015 received the best nightclub of the year, a global award from Design et al international Hotel and property awards.

In addition to full architectural services, Ramgard Architectural Design offers interior design, furniture design, brand creation and master planning services. Ramsgard built its international practice around the belief that quality design and sustainably conscious architecture is not just relevant but truly essential. In 2010 that philosophy played out in setting the worlds highest-scoring ever received on a LEED platinum project for Snooks Hollow, New York (2012)

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