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Ramsgard Architects, Planners, and Designers is an award-winning architecture and design firm that excels in creativity and specializes in restaurants, hospitality, and Culinary education.

Our diverse projects contain far-reaching visions of extraordinary one-of-a-kind experiences and build environments.

Based in Skaneateles, New York, we specialize in creating a combination of interactive technology, handmade objects, custom fixtures, and furniture that create environments seamlessly integrated by craftsmanship and design into a narrative that becomes architecture for each project.

At Ramsgard, it is fundamental to craft a unique and individual narrative, for each project, from the big picture to the smallest detail; the story then informs and drives the design.

For over 30 years, we have designed custom architecture, furnishings, and fixtures to create unique experiences and environments, from restaurants and hotels to residences and workplaces.


Architectural Design

Architectural Rehabilitation and Restoration

Sustainable Architecture and Renovation

Working Drawings and Specifications

Field Construction Administration

Post-Construction Inspection

Site Development

Barns & Equestrian Estate

Interior Architecture

Space Feasibility and Utilization Studies
Interior Design
Color Consultation
Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment Selection
Working Drawings and Specifications

Eco Services

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leed-platimum Ramsgard.png
Design, Planning, Consulting + Research
LEED Documentation
LEED for existing buildings
LEED Awards
Green Benchmarking
Energy + Daylight Modeling

Visualization + BIM

3D Modeling
3D Printing
iGuide: 360°, 3D Virtual Tour
Drone Aerial Mapping and 3D imaging of the site

Identity Design

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