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The Gig at Exit 33

Verona, New York

The Gig, a 5,100 square foot rock and roll themed night club,
part of the Exit 33 project at Turningstone Casino and Resort, is truly an underground club in which the fans become a participant in the show.


To enter the club, you must first descend a grand staircase
covered with a patchwork oriental rug from Northern Ireland,
reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, and walk by a 30 foot high
“Wall of Sound,” made of racks and racks of vintage speakers.

The fans are immersed in graffiti-covered walls and can shoot some pool next to the sound mixing booth while being “Blown Away” by Maxell’s iconic photographic advertisement. Specially licensed from the photographer, Stephen Steigman’s Estate; it is the most oversized print ever made of the image 17’ long by 7’ high.


The Gig was nominated as a finalist in the Best Nightclub/Lounge category for the 2014 Boutique Design Gold Key Awards for excellence in Hospitality Design.

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