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Leary Castle

Tupper Lake, New York

A 6,000-square-foot medieval castle -- made entirely of cinderblocks on 20 acres of pristine and remote land in Adirondack Park. The castle also is situated so that the view stretches 100 miles in every direction.

Renaissance-themed game room called a "Fungeon."

Wood craftsman Matteo Bartolotta, made a hand-carved ornate kitchen. The kitchen leads to a library, with a wall of books.

Pull the correct book, and the wall will swivel to reveal
a secret passage leading to a powder room.
The stairway opens to a 20-foot-high great room.

King and queen's master suites will consist of a large bedroom with a bathroom and a balcony overlooking the great room. The queen's chamber will also have a drawbridge at its entrance should invaders try to capture her.

On the fourth floor are four more bedrooms, each with a bathroom, each named and designed after a chess piece.

The roof will is outfitted with a wood-heated hot tub, a greenhouse, and an outdoor fireplace. Guests can climb the
60-foot-high turret and look out over the 20-acre property.

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